Best Family Vacations – East Coast

If you are looking for a travel destination on the east coast you will find a wide variety of opportunities to have fun with your family.  From the tropical beaches of Florida to the rocky shores of Maine there are countless places for a week long vacation or a quick weekend getaway.

149246-850x565-Reheboth_DEIf you are headed north where you will find places like Cape Cod, the Hamptons, or one of Maine’s classic beaches.  Taking a more southerly route could take you tp places such as Virginia beach or Myrtle Beach.

So if you live in the East you should take advantage of some of these wonderful spots.  For family vacations east coast destinations can provide city beaches or more remote peaceful destinations.  The choice is yours.

The following article found in lovetoknow list 8 popular east coast vacation spots.  Each one had it’s unique properties so just from these 8 you could find a great place for your family vacations.  I’m sure you will find one right for you!

East Coast Vacation Spots – Travel – LoveToKnow Thu, 08 Mar 2012 20:52:30 -0800

The East Coast is a great destination for a family-friendly vacation or a romantic weekend getaway. Whether you looking for a feature-packed city beach destination to enjoy with the kids or if it is a quiet nature setting that you seek, there’s sure …

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