Want to Know More About LEGOLAND Florida? – Video

LEGOLAND Florida!In a previous post we had listed the prices for theme parks in Florida.  In it we mentioned LEGOLAND.  I came to the realization that many of you might not be as familiar with LEGOLAND as you are with Disney (since everyone talks about them) or even Busch Gardens since it has been around for a pretty long time.

I thought I would post a video showing some of what you could expect if you decide to go there.

It is a nice place to take the kids and it’s not quite as expensive as Disney, so if you are planning a vacation on a budget this might help you out.  It has it’s own hotel so you can immerse yourself in the experience much like it’s bigger brother up the road.

I will probably do another post breaking down what there is for each age group of kids to help you if you want to take the whole family, as there is something for all ages.

So enjoy the video trip and stay tuned for more.