What is the Best Travel Rewards Credit Card?

We all know that most major airliines offer their own branded credit cards. What most people don’t know are the differences in each of these cards. These days if you are going to get a credit card it just makes sense to get the one that going to give you back the most.

This video by Nomadic Matt explains some of the things to look for when choosing a trave reward credit card. Some things to keep in mind are:

  • Look for a huge sign-up bonus
  • How many points do you get for each dollar spent
  • What is the spending minimum
  • What are the annual fees

These as well as how you intend to use these points all go into your decision. You could also carry several different cards, as you will see is done in this video. Just be careful as always when dealing with credit cards and use them wisely. These can be another handy tool when trying to travel the world on a budget and save yourself some money on your travel!

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