Best Places to Travel in September

Fall is a wonderful time to travel.  The weather is starting to turn cooler and the crowds are usually thinner.  Many parts of the world have brilliant fall foliage.  There are festivals and fairs happening all across the globe.

If you are looking to take a trip this fall and want to know the best places to travelbest places to travel in september in September then you need to check out these destinations from Fodor’s.  They have listed 14 travel destinations from which you can choose when planning your fall vacation.

So if you haven’t taken a fall trip before now is a good time to start.  It is a totally different experience from the usual summer vacation and one which I am certain you will find enjoyable.

Happy travels!

14 Best Places to Go This Fall | Fodor’s Travel Thu, 29 Aug 2013 09:30:45 -0700

Why Go Now: A fall trip to Portland will feed your body and your mind. After culinary luminaries like Michelin-starred chef April Bloomfield and Chris Cosentino descend on the city for annual food fest Feast (September 19-22), …

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Planning a Disney Vacation on a Budget

Do you think a Disney vacation is totally out of reach?  It is probably every child’s dream to go to Disney World.  So what can you do to keep it from being your nightmare?  Or do you have a Disney addiction but find yourself unable to return because the prices keep going up and up?

Yes, we are aware that Disney is one of the most popular places in the world.  Disney is aware of that and they are also aware that they can charge just about anything they want and people will gladly hand it over.

So what can you do about it?

Here are a few tips on planning a Disney vacation on a budget and enjoying yourselves without breaking the bank.

Look for Discount Tickets
Daily admission to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World is $105/$99 and not much cheaper at Disneyland.  For a family of four that is a pretty big outlay.  If you are staying more than a day you can save money by buying a multiple day ticket.  If you are a member of AAA you can sometimes get discounts through them.  Many companies offer discount tickets to their employees so it would pay to check that out.  So it definitely makes sense to buy tickets ahead of time.  Check online (but not Disney’s site) at places such as Undercover Tourist.  You could save a bundle.

Save on Food
Eat breakfast in your hotel room.  Bring your own snacks to the park.  You can even brown-bag it to an extent.  If you do dine in the park look for the counter service stands, they are usually cheaper.    If you are really into food and you are a big eater you might check out the Disney Dining Plan.  Do plan on splurging on at least one nice meal if you can swing as that can be part of the total experience.

Do One Park a Day
The adult ‘park hopper’ pass lets you visit multiple parks in one day.  However, the cost for one day is $142 compared to the $105 for a day at the Magic Kingdom but the daily prices drop for longer stays.  There is plenty in each park to stay busy for an entire day and unless you are totally sure you will need to visit multiple parks stick with the one-park pass and avoid the needless expense.

Save on Your Accommodations
Another way to save is to consider the value hotels.  If you are staying in the park there are several moderate and value resorts available.  There is even a campground.  You may think it would still be pricier to stay on site but if you consider the free transportation opportunities you can eliminate the need for a rental car (if you didn’t drive).  You can also sometimes get ticket deals if you didn’t buy them in advance.  But don’t stay in the pricier hotels, if you are spending all day in the parks that is definitely  a waste of money.

Buy Souvenirs Ahead of Time
If you really want to save money do NOT buy the overpriced merchandise sold inside the Disney theme parks.  Shop the local stores or look online before you travel.  You can even hide them from the kids until you get there and dole them out daily.  This could also help eliminate the wanting of the high-priced merchandise that they will see at all the shops.

Do some Free Stuff
Spend one day in the hotel at the pool, sometimes kids are just as happy being able to play in the pool all day.  Take in the sights at the resorts.  Ride around on the monorail.  There are free playgrounds around the park, younger kids don’t know the difference and will still have fun.

So by planning ahead and budgeting you can keep your costs as low as possible. Don’t miss out on the experience of seeing your child’s delight meeting the characters and seeing the sights for the first time.  And knowing you saved a bundle will be the second best part of the trip.

How to Snooze While Flying – 5 Questions Answered

If you are a frequent flyer but haven't yet mastered the are of sleeping on the plane then these tips from John E. DiScala, the editor in chief of the travel-information site could help. He would definitely know something about the subject as he takes more than 100 flights a year on 30 different airlines.

So if you are getting ready to fly that red-eye to the west coast (or wherever) then pay attention. This could be a lifesaver.


1) I'm flying coach - where should I sit?
You may think just because you are flying coach there is no way to get comfortable. Try this: Take the window seat of an exit row. You won’t be disturbed when your neighbors get up and down, and you have the window as a head rest. There is also extra legroom so you can use your carry-on as a footrest. Do not sit near the bathrooms or flight attendant stations. You will find that people tend to hang out there and it can get noisy and cramped. Also ,if you plan to sleep on your flight, try to go online the day of the flight to see if you can change your seat to an empty row. That would be the ultimate comfort. If you can fly at a less than popular time, usually a Tuesday or Wednesday night, you will have a much better chance at this.

2) Do I Need any Special Sleeping Products?
Some people swear by a travel pillow. It can help if you’re in a middle or aisle seat. Another option is to wear an eye mask and use earplugs. Many people (myself included) travel with noise-canceling headphones. These come in quite handy since there is almost always a crying baby nearby, You can wear earplugs and put the headphones on top. Then you can play some soothing music or an audio book. This combination usually drowns out everything. I can find myself drifting off very quickly using this method. Another thing that I never do is use an airplane blanket. You are better off bringing your own blanket or a sweatshirt. 'Nuff said. (We will talk about airplane blankets another time).

3) How Should I Dress for Night Travel?
If you have a long flight and you are in coach you might try this trick: bring pajama bottoms and change into them after take off. Now I know many of you won't go for that but one thing you can do is wear sweatpants. If you tend to get cold during flights you might also bring a pair of warm socks to slip on before trying to sleep and make sure you have your blanket or sweatshirt (see above).

4) I Don't Want to be Bothered - What Can I Do?
Make sure you get your snack and water before you try to drift off and make sure you take care of the bathroom business. Another trick some people do is to buckle their seat belt over their blanket or sweater, not under it. Where there is turbulence and the flight attendant checks she can see that you’re safely buckled and won't bother you.

5) How Can I Make Myself Drowsy?
You should avoid alcohol and sleeping medications. Try these all-natural tips: a few days before your flight start going to bed and rising a little earlier than usual. Even a half hour before your usual bedtime can work. Also, some people like to work out because it helps them sleep. If you are one of those then make an effort to workout while you’re on vacation. This can help you rest when you take the return trip home

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How to Save Money for a Trip

So you are dreaming of that long holiday trip.  How about that vacation you have been putting off because you thought you couldn’t afford it?  Even the long weekend trip seem out of reach for you?  Do you think you can’t even get out of town because just the fuel or hotel is too expensive?

money tree clipart

If only it were this easy!

Well it’s true, it does cost money to travel.  And since money doesn’t grow on trees – yes you probably work hard for your money – you feel it is impossible for you to travel.  But you know that it would do you good to get away, maybe you have a passion for travel.  Yet you feel it is totally out of reach.

Well not so fast!  With proper planning and budgeting you may find that you can take that trip, that vacation, that holiday. But here is the catch.  It starts by taking a hard look at you spending and then creating a – wait for it – BUDGET.  That’s the key.  Start by establishing a travel budget.  Plan your trip, figure out what the cost will be, and then devise a plan to help you meet that goal.

There are several ways that you can help yourself save the necessary money for you travels.  By following some of these simple tips and tricks on how to save money for a trip you will see how easy it is to build up a travel fund even in your current situation.

Here are 10 tips courtesy of Solo Traveler.

1. Set up an automatic withdrawal from your regular account and send the money to a dedicated travel account. Would you miss $20 a week? That adds up to $1040 a year — enough for a single person to do something fun for a week or maybe more depending on your taste. If you tend toward more luxury travel, hopefully your budget can handle more each week.


2. Don’t think you can afford $20 a week? Make and bring your lunch, go back to regular coffee rather than lattes, walk or cycle rather than drive or take transit. Each of these changes are actually healthy lifestyle choices and will easily save $20 a week. All three could save you $60 a week. (Achieve this and you’re a better person than I.)


3. Buy with a credit card that has no annual fee and offers cash back on purchases. Pay the card off in full every month and don’t shop at a more expensive store just to get the reimbursement. Add your cash back to your travel fund.


4. Use the library for your reading needs and to borrow travel guides. For short trips of a month or less, its usually worth borrowing guides and maps from the library to take with you. This can save upwards of $30. While you’re there you can borrow a couple of DVDs and save another $10 a week on entertainment.


5. Drop your long distance package from your phone bill and use Skype. It may even make sense to eliminate your home phone completely. You’ll have to do the math on that one


6. Dine out at lunch rather than dinner — especially at fine restaurants. The quality will be the same but the cost will be much lower.


7. Know how you react in an impulse buy situation. Some people are stopped by seeing cash leave their hands, others by the prospect of using a credit card. Carry whichever form of money you are less likely to use.


8. In the same vein, have a “spend no change” policy. It will add up nicely in a jar, especially true in Canada where there are $1 and $2 coins. They add up fast.


9. Sell your unneeded stuff on Craig’s List. It’s amazing what you can sell and it’s cash right into your pocket. Sell a bunch of stuff at once to be efficient with your time.


10. Track your spending. Just by knowing how much you’re spending and where, you will spend less. I can almost guarantee it.

There are many other ways to save money on a daily basis by following general guidelines for a budget.  Things such as utilities, cutting back on non-essentials or even re-organizing your debt can also be helpful.

And remember when you start to book your travel to look for the best deals, do your research.  There are many other ways to save money when making your travel arrangements.  Articles such as this one on getting cheaper airfare can help you stretch your travel dollar.

So I hope this helps you fulfill your passion to travel.  Please feel free to comment and let us know if you have any tips of your own.

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